In oktober 2010 I started as Senior Consultant at CIBER Nederland.


As Managing Consultant in the area of Service Managment I am responsible for the Service Management Team.
The team of Service Managers are responsible for the services provided by CIBER to customers.
Mainly we have to support the business of the customer with our services and knowledge and expertise in IT.
Therefore maintaining a good relationship with the customer is essential and challenging.

Since 2012 I am also a member of the Management Team of Ciber Managed Services.
As part of this team I am jointly responsible for all the services provided by Ciber Managed Services.

In 2010 I worked in total 8 months for the  Heijmans Bouwgroep in Rosmalen........

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My role at Heijmans wass IT Contract Manager, managing all the IT contracts with a diversity of suppliers.
I was working in a small team based out of Rosmalen and
I was responsible that at a tactical level a proper alignment between demand and supply is accomplished.

In 2007 I started to work for Borg Projecten Borg Projecten ........

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Through Borg Projecten I fullfilled the following roles at Simac ICT as Senior Service Manager for the customer Super de Boer and  after that I had the role of Incident Proces Manager at Capgemini  for the customer Rijkswaterstaat. Due to economical reasons I had to leave the company.

My job before that was at Philips ........

I was working in the division Corporate IT, as an e-Business Service Delivery Manager for the Philips IT Services.
I was responsible for the Search engine used at Philips on the Internet and on the Intranet. Furthermore my responsibilities were expanding towards Application Performance Management, Testing and other areas.

And my job before that was at the neighbour and still a part of the Philips group
Atos Origin
Origin Logo

I was working in the e-Business Management group for the Inter- and Intranet division called Managed Services, formerly known as TIS.  Business Management is the spill between the Technical Staff and the Account Managers. We translate the questions from the Customer/Account Manager to the technical staff, but also we inform the Account Managers and the Customer about what kind of knew services our Technical Staff has developed. We also support the Account Manager with Service Level Agreements.

Here is some information about my past work experience

9/2010 - Present CIBER Nederland Senior Consultant
1/2010 - 8/2010 Heijmans Nederland IT Contract Manager
6/2007 - 12/2009 Borg Projecten Senior Service/Process Manager
7/2008 - 5/2009 Capgemini Incident Proces Manager
4/2007 - 7/2008 Simac ICT Nederland Senior Service Manager
6/2001 - 3/2007 Philips Corporate IT, Manager e-Business Application Services
10/1998 - 5/2001 Atos Origin Business Management
8/1997 - 9/1998 Internet Media Services Business Unit Manager/Product Management
2/1995 - 7/1997 Compudata B.V. Product Management Multi Media
1991 - 1/1995 Foodectronics B.V. Internationaal Field Engineering
1987 - 1991 Fuji Photo Film Maintenance engineer


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