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In 1998 I went on a holiday to Sri Lanka where a friend of mine onwed a diving school.
I started diving here and eversince I got the diving bug.
I have been diving on several nice spots in the world which I like to share with you:
Sri Lanka, Dickwella
Nederland, helmetdiving in The Ijzeren man, Eindhoven
Egypte, Dahab
Zuid-Afrika, Umkomaas
Indonesie, Bali
Australie, Cairns
New Zealand
Cozomel, Mexico
Jordanie, Aqaba

I first got my Open Water licens in November 1998, after that in Februari 1999 my Advanced Open Water both I got in Sri Lanka.
The I took a course at Safe Diving in Eindhoven where I got my license Rescue Diver. Included in that course was also the Medic First Aid license.
In Juni 2000 I went diving in Zuid Afrika where I got my last license Nitrox diving or Enriched Air Diver License.
Padi Open Water LicensePadi Advanced Open Water LicensePadi Rescue Diver LicensePadi Medic First Aid LicensePadi Enriched Air Nitrox License

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