Denise participated at the "Sint Hubertus Jacht" with Cipasja.

On november 2, 2002 we went with Cipasja to Someren so Denise could participate in the
"Sint Hubertus Jacht".
A old dream and wish of her and it was a gift for her birthday from me.


First there was a Mass in the local church which we didn't attend.
After that, on the village square, there was the blessing of the horses and the riders.

The blessed bread was shared with the horses and the riders upon a good return....!

The hunt consists out of 3 runs from roughly an half hour each....
Here they are coming to the sherry stop after the second run.

Upfront the special trained dogs, following the trail, which was set out by a guy
on a horse trailing a cloth, soaked in urine and manure of a fox, after him.

The people in the red coats are leading the hunt,
they are belonging to a hunting club, they are also controlling the dogs.
The other people are in black and folloW them.

Denise and Cipasja are coming towards me after the second run.
Denise was very excited about how fast everything went,
she really enjoyed it!

The people in charge of the dogs are carrying long whips and the dogs
are specially trained for the hunt.
They have to listen very well, which they all did!

After the third run is over the "Kill" takes place.
Denise and Cipasja are one of the first to arrive at the "Kill".

The "Kill" has been buried into the ground for the dogs to digg it up!
But they are only allowed to do so after their boss gives them a signal.
"Get it all, Get it all!" And he blows his little horn!

It was a great day for Denise and Cipasja but also for spectators
to watch the horses running over the field and to sense the atmosphere
and the ambience that goes with it!
Denise definetely wants to participate next year but on another horse
because Cipasja is a little bit to old then to participate.
Both, Denise and Cipasja felt sore the next day.
It took Cipasja about 3 weeks to fully recover from this spectacular experience,
but she enjoyed every minute of it.

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