Cattle Drive at the Two Creek Ranch in Douglas, Wyoming, USA October 2006

Thursday October 19th, Denver Colorado USA

I am sitting in Denver Airport at the moment, waiting for the connecting flight to Casper, Wyoming. I have already travelled for some hours now. I left this morning at 07:00 from my girlfriend's apartment to Schiphol. Gisela held her own when I said goodbye. I am glad to get away on Holiday for a while and to do something different again.

The past few days I prepared everything for this trip and I hope I didn't forget anything. If so…bad luck…. Tomorrow in Casper I want to buy some more things such as a nice warm jacket, hat, maybe riding chaps, spurs and a warm blouse. I am curious how everything will turn out.

At 11:05 my flight left for Chicago and from there on to Denver. Here in a local bar at the airport I have been talking to some local people and had some interesting conversations. Even the people here find it different what I am about to do….I am just going to enjoy it to the max.

Saturday October 21st, Casper, Wyoming, USA

On the 19th I arrived at my hotel at 23:00 and went straight to bed. The next morning, Friday 20th October I got up early, eat breakfast and walked into town, straight to Lou Tauberts and did some serious shopping there. I bought a nice wax coat jacket, a hat, a blouse, a vest and a breast collar for Velvet, the horse of Lisette who is watching over my house and pets back home.
From Lou Tauberts I got a taxi to the Sports Warehouse for some gloves, but unfortunately they didn't have the ones I wanted. From there I walked to the Eastridge Mall and just before I entered the Mall a woman started talking to me, and it took some time before I realized it was in Dutch. Then I realized that I had seen her on the airport on Thursday night when I arrived. At that time I didn't know that she was also from the Netherlands and also here to do the Cattle Drive. Isn't that fun….Her name is Chantal, 33 years, mother of 2 and a purser of the KLM.

Together we spent the rest of the day to do some more shopping, we went into the Mall, drank some coffee and then we went back to Lou Tauberts. There she bought some clothing and riding chaps etc. and I bought some warm gloves and jingle bobs for my spurs.
At night we went out for dinner in a local restaurant and bar. Around 22:00 I went to bed….

This morning I slept in a bit, eat breakfast and spent some time on the Internet, chatting with Gisela and Lisette. Just filling my time until I am picked up to go to the ranch.

Sunday October 22nd, Douglas, Wyoming, USA

Dennis picked me up, yesterday at 13:00. Right then it seamed that there were more guests then 4 as it was mentioned in the brochure of Time Out Reizen. After everybody was picked up we went for some lunch at a local fast food restaurant….
We all fitted in two cars, one car, with Dennis had to pick up some parts, and the other one was free to go….. Nikki from Berlin needed riding chaps, so we went back to Lou Tauberts. There I bought some nice spurs, because two people said that all horses from the ranch where used to spurs, I also bought a silk scarf.
We drove then down to the Two Creek Ranch in Douglas.

When we arrived we put our luggage in the two little houses, one for the men and one for the woman. Then we sat down to have a drink and to get acquainted:
Nikki, Willy (her stepfather), Wolfgang from Berlin, Germany, Siegfried from Austria, Emma and her mother Suzanne from Bristol, UK, Chantal and me from The Netherlands. Furthermore there was Nick (Dutchman living in Norway) and his girlfriend Ingrid from Norway but they slept at the ranch.
At dinner we met Art from Denver and Dave from Town. We had a typical American Dinner and soon afterwards everybody went to bed.

On Sunday morning at 07:00 breakfast was served after which we prepared everything for the trip to Cowcamp. Around 11 o'clock we departed, we had to pick up a chemical toilet trailer before we left Douglas.
While driving and going up in the mountains we saw more and more snow, more then I expected. At the end of the afternoon we arrived at Cowcamp. We put our stuff in to the house and got dressed for riding.

The horses where collected and divided or better appointed by Dennis to us. Misty was the horse I was lucky to be able to ride the next couple of days.
In the beginning I had my doubts but later one I was glad to ride Misty. We went out looking for cows to round them up, I had to go to the skirts of the field and had the chance to do some galloping with Misty…man, she really liked it….We just were back at Cowcamp before it turned dark.

After dinner everybody went pretty early to bed because the next couple of days are going to be long and lots of riding……we only going to stay at Cowcamp for one night…..the other nights we will camp out……brrrr…in the snow……. not really looking forward to that….but we will see…….

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